Micracles Defined by Craig Kimbrough

What is a miracle? Some would say walking on water, making it rain, unexplained healings that defy normal human logic, or someone being saved out of the blue when it was evident that they were just about to perish.  I would be inclined to agree that all these things can be miracles, but what really …

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An Audio: The Karma Whipper,Short Version

Listen to Craig’s Audio: The Karma Whipper, Short Version, click here.

Is It Time To Stop Watching?

I was a part of a criminal organization.  One of the Mob bosses had just gotten out of prison and was telling me that he knew someone had evidence on him.  It turned out that whoever it was left some personal information behind.  I knew that it was my daughter who had the evidence, whether …

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A Conversation Or Signs For More Posts Ahead

The other day I was talking to my friend Charles who writes as a jazz critic for the Metro Times and has a wonderful jazz blog on Blogger.   As we were talking about our blogs and he began to give me his opinion about my blog which I could tell he had been reading and …

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This Life Is Easy

This life is easy.  This is what I have been saying to myself all week as I watch incredible things get magically taken care of.  I wrote about this in my book Wise Words years ago.  I explained how my teacher Mr. Ambrister and I had a running joke.  When ever I was struggling and …

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What does it mean to be sincere?  I believe that most of us don’t know and are rarely sincere.  I remember some time ago when I was speaking on the subject, a friend of mine stated that he wanted to lose weight but would not get out and jog or do whatever it took daily …

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Dream and Vision Clarification

This morning I had a dream that reminded me of the way a certain person in my world used to behave years ago.  It was not pretty, and I must say I would not appreciate it in my life at all.  I had not seen any evidence of a problem, but after having the dream …

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