Connection Through Spirit

This past week I have talked to several people about the possibility of connection with another through soul or spirit.  In one case a friend had a dream about a loved one, a family member, and wondered if it was a spirit connection or just a dream.  In another case a different friend and meditation student wanted to connect with a loved one in meditation or dream.  I thought maybe this would be a good subject to talk about.  My teacher used to tell us that many times he would tell his wife in his mind what he would like for dinner, and when he got home she would be cooking the very dish he told her about in his mind.  I would also hear stories about how he saw and had conversations with people within.  In time I started having many similar experiences myself.  I have heard conversations between people in my mind in meditation and in dreams only to find out that they really happened or conveyed the way the other party may have been feeling.  Almost every person to whom I was even remotely close to, who has passed on, soon afterwards has shown up in my meditations and dreams.  I even have grown to expect it.   Not look for it, but just expect it because this is what usually seems to happen.

This one experience really got me.  One evening I woke up from a dream.  My wife was in this particular dream I had just awakened from. When I turned over after awakening, I heard her talking in her sleep about the same dream I just woke up from.  What does all of this say?  One thing is that we humans are connected on a soul and spiritual level beyond what we see in the physical.  This connection is much easier felt in dream and meditation.  Also I forgot to mention that none of these things happened in my life until I was exposed to meditation and the spiritual science.  The more it became normal for me to think of all of us as souls and spirits, the more I had experiences that proved that to be the case.

Someone recently asked me how to have such experiences.  My answer was the more you hear about such things, and the more you meditate on the sound and light within, the more you find yourself being way beyond the limitations of the physical body.  Until next time I leave you with something my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, once told me, “Remember anything is possible with this science.”  Of course  he was speaking about the meditation science of going within.


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