A secret to peace of mind

This morning I found myself sharing the secret to peace of mind.  I said “Do you know what the secret to peace of mind is?”  She, the person I was talking to said “what is the secret?”  I said “the secret is you have to let go.”  I know you say “he talks about this all the time. ”  It’s true.  I talk about it a lot because even when we know this secret law, it’s still easy to forget how important it is let go and it is often so hard to do.  But if we want peace we have to let go.  We must let go of how we think ( in our infinite wisdom LOL )  things have to work out.  You say “here he goes trying to talk me out of my dream.”  No, well no in some cases.  Yes in others.  Before you stop reading let me tell you what I have discovered. Sometimes in order to have peace and be able to see clearly to make the right move and yes even get what I want, I have to go through a process.  I have to talk to God myself and the Universe and say I will trust you and be happy no matter what the outcome, just tell me what to do.  I will do it even if I don’t get what I want.  Then I have to ask myself what if I am told to do the very thing I don’t want to do (like get a 9 to 5 job oh no you mean die!)  will I do it?  Then I say yes even if you tell me that.  Even if you don’t tell me right away I will be happy and know it is your will and everything is working in ways in which I can’t see at this moment.  As soon as I really agree in my mind, peace comes.  Not only does peace come but I get answers mysteriously showing up out of no where.  It happens every time.  And thank God so far in 20 years no nine to 5 job yet.  Still self employed.


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  1. Debbie

    Hi Craig,

    You in my head again. We have to stop doing this or people will start talking LOL xx

    All week I’ve been saying to Andy (hubby) – you have to let go x

    For him it’s letting the boys (17 and 21) get on with their lives. If they need guidance and help we will always be there for them no what, but trying to organise and control doesn’t work. Let go x

    I’ve had some funny talks with him too about who God is. Joking I will say ‘She’. He really doesn’t know yet, but he will find his way and God when he’s ready.

    what was that about a woman’s scorn in your talk ? – God telling you what to do again LOL xxx

    You never cease to amaze me how you always connect with your family, here in computer land, and know how to communicate what we need at the time.

    Like you I learnt along time ago to just let go. You can’t open you life to miracles and angelic help if you are so busy worrying about things 24/7. Sometimes things may not happen the way you would like them to but trust is so important. God would never put you in a position usless he knew you could do it.

    Craig, you need to trust yourself and your guidance in helping others to the higher side to life. Without that this huge family would never have existed.

    Tell God and the Angels what you need and they will always help.

    Love to you all and angel blessings

    Debbie xxxx

    • Craig Kimbrough

      Hello Debra there is much I could say about your comment but for now I will say thank you very much, it is very much appreciated.

      I always wish the best to you and your family and am happy that you are part of our Meditativezone family.




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