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This week I have seen several instances where people have gotten into serious trouble simply because they refused to pay attention.  I also found myself trying to warn a couple people to pay attention to what they see and sometimes refuse to look at, before serious problems arise.  All the situations I am referring to remind me of a saying I once heard and never forgot.  It goes like this:  Who you are speaks so loudly I can barely hear what you are saying.  I still remember when I heard it, it rang so true.  The people in our lives, our friends, family, coworkers, love interests and potential business partners, constantly tell us who they are if we pay attention.  Sometimes their actions tell us good things sometimes not.  But we must pay attention.  I have seen people wrongly go to jail simply because they did not pay attention.  I have seen people get robbed, cheated and even die early, simply because they did not pay attention to who they were dealing with and take it to heart.  I am not saying that we have to cut people out of our lives as soon as we see a problem.  No one is perfect.   In many instances after seeing a character defining problem we can still have the person in our lives but we may have to be more careful with how we deal with the person.  In other instances it may be best to keep our distance all together.

I guess all this could sound sort of negative, but I assure you it’s not.  Paying attention to what you see as things come up is a one of the ways of listening to God and The Universe.  And trust me The Universe and your world is always talking.  If we listen and take heed early life is beautiful, with many signs and few pitfalls.  If not, well let’s just keep it positive and pay attention.

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  1. Hi Craig,

    Was watching a film called Fools Rush In. A guy mets a lass they have a one night stand and she gets pregnant. When she tells him she expects him to just let her get on with it. Through the ups and downs of love and a very hasty mariage in Vegas, she leaves him.

    As he crosses the road a priest says to him “there are signs everywhere”. Well laugh after reading this on your blog in the week.

    Thing was there were signs everywhere in the film.
    There are signs everywhere in our lives too but how often do we see them ? I’m one of the lucky ones that see signs in all sorts of ways – a coffee cup, a coloured feather, a bird crossing your pathway – then there’s the voice of your higher self. If you listen you will get an answer, it may not be what you want, but it will come if you believe in yourself.

    Open up to the Universe and it’s connectivity and you will be amazed at what it’s trying to show you.

    Give your wee one a hug hug frae me. He’s so cute x

    Many thanks Craig.

    Love and angel blesisngs always,

    Debbie xxx

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