What is your next move?

Recently I was talking to myself, and to God.  I was asking God to show me my next move in all the areas of my life, or if not then at least show me the next move in one of the areas of my life.  During this process I reminded myself that I have to be open to anything that seems to mysteriously come from God.  I said to myself even if the message is something that I don’t want to do, if it seemed to come magically, I would move on it.

Later that same day I was over my parents house and my Mom Aletha suggested I go on Twitter.com and add it to the other things I do, my blog, The Meditativezone Community etc.  My first thought was “not Twitter”.  I always thought Twitter was for saying things like “I am thinking about brushing my teeth.  Now I am brushing my teeth LOL.  But here’s the thing.  As she began to explain how her friend used it for educational purposes and how it could be useful for getting out uplifting messages and information, I suddenly began to hear the Aum vibration.  (The inner sound)  I have learned over the years when this happens to pay attention.  This made me listen and for the first time twittering made sense.  Then I remembered me asking what is my next move.  I remembered promising to move on it even if it was challenging to my way of seeing and doing things.  So now here I am following God and the Universe once again against my all knowing better judgment.  LOL again.  I will be sending out messages on Twitter.com on spiritual life and meditation pretty much everyday or at least every other day.  That’s my next move.  What is your next move?  Ask, meditate, and be open.  Respond and let me know if you  like.

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