Seeing Visions In Meditation

A good friend and meditation student of mine asked me an excellent question.  The question came right after I was telling him a story about an epiphany I just had about the spiritual path.  As I look back I am sure the story may have even prompted his question.  Anyway here is the question.

“I always focus on clearing my mind and listening to the inner sound during meditation.   When I hear the inner sound (aum vibration) I know I am grounded.  If I  hear it loudly and it feels like I am floating, this is even better.  I never have visions or other experiences during meditation and I never thought anything about it.  Now I’m beginning to wonder, Do you think my expectations are too low, just being satisfied with what I have?  Should he be working harder?  If so how?”

My Answer:

This is an excellent question.  Hearing the inner sound is great.  Most people do not practice enough to have that experience.  And even if you don’t hear the inner sound, coming out feeling relaxed and refreshed is wonderful.  Of course you know that quite often we can get answers and mysterious guidance after meditating as we move in our world, that we just did not have prior to meditating.  I know for a fact you have had this experience many times.  But you want to know should you be expecting and working towards more and seeing things within.

My answer is yes.  When I first began to meditate I expected to go deep and see things within.  I was determined, and it happened.  Part of the reason was my belief and expectation. I romanced the idea of traveling to higher regions and having visions of those regions.  You have to remember that expecting is more than just wanting.  You have to convince your mind that in your world magic happens and you get answers from within.  There are many ways of doing this.  One way is to watch movies and reading books that depict such things and  remind you that you are spiritually connected.  When you listen to my tapes and stories identify with them like it is you and more than possible in your world to have the same experiences.  In addition to this you can not be attached to having deep experiences.  If you are too attached, you will become frustrated if it does not happen right away.   So the idea is to convince yourself of the possibilities more and more.  Identify with traveling deep in meditation and having inner experiences and visions from God.  Believe in it and at the same time don’t worry about if and when it happens. Then you just continue to meditate like you have been doing.

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  1. Debbie

    Good Evening Craig and spiritual family,

    I was contemplating putting this out direct to Craig or to the group when I got this blog through my email. Well there we go, yet again we are all so linked together.

    On Wednesday I went into Galashiels, which is about 18 miles from where we live in the Scottish Borders. I was still thinking of Craig and meeting his Guru on Mount Sinai. The Borders Animal Protection league had just opened a new charity shop and I love to wander through charity shops and their book selelctions. Sometimes you find the most amazing things. Well jumping out at me from the top self was The Ark of the Covenant by Roderick Grierson and Stuart Munro-Hay. The gorgeous blue cover just called to me.

    In it is a passage I wanted to share –
    ‘For centuries, Christian pilgrims have been coming to the mountain in hope of learning something of the miraculous way in which God spoke to man. The world they entered is harsh and barren, and it seem sunlikely they stood on the sumit filled with a reasurring sense of their own place in creation. Sinai is not the easiest place to enjoy a vision of the eunity of life, a revelation of ite bounty, of th harmony of the seasons or the joy of th eharvest. It is a world that seems dead and empty.’

    This mountain is Jebel Musa where there have been carved 3,000 steps of repentance by monks many years ago. It would take a fit person 3 1/2 hours to climb it. Across from here is Mount Arrat which is in stiking contrast and beautiful.

    I feel that like Moses, the true Mount Sinai has ascended and that this is not the place that Moses received the Ten Commandments. Mount Sinai is a truely spiritual place and those who are fortunate enough to have the gift will be able to visit for spiritual sustenance. What are your views ?

    Last night in meditation I was told to look up King Nebuchadnessar in Chronicles. At 2Chron 36:6 & 7.

    This was after reading an article on Graham Phillip’s site about his book The Chalice of Magdalene. If you click on the book cover on the site you get a short story version of the book which is quite fascinating.

    Is my answer in 2 Chronicles ? I’ll let you follow the trail.

    O the joy of meditation on the Higher side of life. there really is no limits out there once you let go and believe x

    Love and angel blessings to each and everyone of you xxxx

    • Craig Kimbrough

      Very well said. The real Mount Sinai. The spiritual place is within. This is where we go to find God. Dr. Martin Luther King talked about having gone to the Mountain Top. My teacher Mr. Ambrister used to say that people from all over the world go to the river Jordan physically, but the real river Jordan is within us. The path to God is an inner path.

  2. lavernjdewilde

    The profound meaning of meditation in action, is that one is utterly one with the moment. In this oneness there is radical change in psyche. In the moment-to-moment awareness comes cleansing of body, mind and consciousness. The cleansing brings one to that state of peace which is joy, bliss and enlightenment. At that point, life becomes a movement of spontaneous meditation.

  3. Nichole

    During meditation I have always had visions of the same place, wearing the same thing seeing and hearing and feelings all of the same things. Birds, the ocean the breeze the f r esh air, a man always enters though his features are not distinct I feel safe and intense passion in his presence. What doea it all mean.

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