Strange noises and problems or signs from the Universe (from Craig’s Journal)

Very early this morning I woke up to a noise.  I don’t know if it was a drawer or a door slamming shut, but I did hear something.  Being the husband father and protector of the house I got up and got ready to check things out.  I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:00 am.  Once I saw the time I knew well enough to not question what it was.  There was no door closing or drawer slamming shut.  It was God and the Universe waking me up to meditate, write and reflect.  It happens to me often.  It can be someone calling my name in the room, just for me to wake up to see my wife is still sleep next to me and no one else in the house is up.  The time always between 4:30 and 5:30.  This just happens to be the time I have chosen for morning meditation and writing and reflecting.  This is my early spiritual time.  When ever I don’t get up on my own, the Universe will wake me up.   When I do get up and get busy writing and mediating at my proper time my whole world is different.  I am so alive and the rest of my day and life seems to be so much more in harmony.

But wait.  It gets better. Later this morning my friend Aaron called me to tell me that he woke up at 4:30 am once again out of the blue. He will often wake up at this time and then have trouble getting back to sleep.  He even felt as though he was becoming sleep deprived and may have some sort of sleeping disorder. When he first mentioned the problem before I told him that this is a good thing and he was progressing on the meditation path.  I told him that when this happens this is God getting him up to meditate, and he should meditate and then go back to sleep.  I don’t know if he remembered this conversation this morning or not.  Anyway Aaron said today was different.  He did not debate at all on whether to get up or try and try to go back to sleep, he just got up and meditated.  He said it was a good meditation.  To his surprise, he then decided to go back to sleep and went right off to sleep with no problem at all.

As we move further on this path, we discover that what looks like a problem can actually be God and the Universe pulling us deeper along if we are open to the signs we are given along the way.

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  1. Good Morninf Craig,

    I had such a giggle reading this today. If I can’t get back to sleep I ken there’s always a reason the universe is saying get up and get it done. Stop procrastinating about it. Like you this is the favourite time of the day. The house are asleep, there’s no arguing about who’s getting the telly or the playstation and it’s total bliss time.

    My favourite thing is to put on one of your talks, and I have nearly 100 now and make cards in the kitchen. I then meditate and wow what and amazing sleep comes after.

    Don’t you find you wake up with a smile on your face and no matter what the world (or family) throw at you you can take it so much differently from the sleepy, irritable person you would of been through lack of sleep?

    Thank you so much for reminding me to get up and meditate, it really is the most wonderful part of the day xx

    Love and angel blessings from Scotland xxxx

  2. Just read the link about the door slammer. You’ll all love it. It will remind you of the kid downstairs who insists on screaming every morning at 6 am, your son who clears his throat excessively until hubby gets up and, aye, slams that door.

    Really funny article x Good job we all have humour with Craig by our side xx

    love and angel blessings always xxx

  3. I love the Universes’ sense of humour, always has our best interests at heart…as someone who had “insomnia” for years, I finally learned to embrace it as a gift.

    I have only this week, turned my attitude around. After waking up only 20 minutes earlier and doing visualization and affirmations, it’s amazing how much better my days go now.


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