A Leap into the Adventure

I have not quite figured out how to explain this one, but here is my attempt.  The other night I found myself feeling so good.  I felt like nothing in the world could touch me at all totally at peace.  I began to wonder what had me feeling so good.  Then I began to ask just what has been going on in my head? Maybe that will help me find my answer  Then I realized something.  I could see  that I was finally living out the life of the character in my imaginary movie, and I knew that I was going to continue to be that person in my everyday life.  The movie has now come into life!  What movie? You ask.  The American Guru movie. The movie about my life.

I know it sounds corny but don’t laugh.  I truly think that we all need a movie with a title that describes the life we are looking forward to move into, and this happens to be mine.  Why?  Because I always felt like it described my challenge of being a husband,  father of five, business owner, writer, and spiritual meditation teacher in the western world, all rolled into one.  And yes it is a challenge to have hopes and dreams for yourself and all these people, and be responsible to them, while still working on finding and seeing God in the midst of all the craziness.

But get this, the American Guru movie, my life in this vein has been going on for some time, even during those times when I couldn’t see it.  Lord knows at times I don’t feel like I am this incredible character I have in my head who is in this wonderful adventure filled with challenges excitement and growth at every turn, but I am.  For some reason the other night I could see it so clearly.  I still do.  I am no longer striving to become him, I am him now.  That is a big step.  See I used to think I would be there, be him when I opened my self help bookstore.  Then it was when I had so many customers.  Then it was when I finished my first book.  After all it’s one thing to be a meditation teacher and bookstore owner, but quite another to have written your own books. But then I realized I didn’t have a website.  So it became when I had my website and reached thousands over the web.  That’s when I’ll be there that’s when I will be him. Back then building a website was much harder and you had to hire a professional to have one look decent.  But even after that it seemed like  No matter what I achieved my not arriving seemed to never end.

But this time is different and the question is Why?  What makes this time different?  Maybe I am making a quantum leap.  One thing is for sure I know my writing has a lot to do with it.  I have known in the back of my head for some time when I write consistently I will hit a new level and my movie will come to life.  I still remember when I wrote What If My Soul Is Eternal and Heaven Is Everywhere I was a different person.  I became the book.  I was living the life I was writing about everyday, all day.  My life was this adventure where Heaven was Everywhere I looked and I had more miracles in my life than usual during this time.  I had the same experience when writing Wise Words.  I was living the book as I wrote it and put it to the test.  And yes even this time my realization was coming as I was preparing to write my blog.  So here I am doing what God wants me to do.  I am writing my new book daily and writing in this blog and now being who I am.  Craig Kimbrough, The American Guru.  O.k. go ahead and laugh. I don’t mind this time.  Thank you for being here and for reading.

Strange noises and problems or signs from the Universe (from Craig’s Journal)

Very early this morning I woke up to a noise.  I don’t know if it was a drawer or a door slamming shut, but I did hear something.  Being the husband father and protector of the house I got up and got ready to check things out.  I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:00 am.  Once I saw the time I knew well enough to not question what it was.  There was no door closing or drawer slamming shut.  It was God and the Universe waking me up to meditate, write and reflect.  It happens to me often.  It can be someone calling my name in the room, just for me to wake up to see my wife is still sleep next to me and no one else in the house is up.  The time always between 4:30 and 5:30.  This just happens to be the time I have chosen for morning meditation and writing and reflecting.  This is my early spiritual time.  When ever I don’t get up on my own, the Universe will wake me up.   When I do get up and get busy writing and mediating at my proper time my whole world is different.  I am so alive and the rest of my day and life seems to be so much more in harmony.

But wait.  It gets better. Later this morning my friend Aaron called me to tell me that he woke up at 4:30 am once again out of the blue. He will often wake up at this time and then have trouble getting back to sleep.  He even felt as though he was becoming sleep deprived and may have some sort of sleeping disorder. When he first mentioned the problem before I told him that this is a good thing and he was progressing on the meditation path.  I told him that when this happens this is God getting him up to meditate, and he should meditate and then go back to sleep.  I don’t know if he remembered this conversation this morning or not.  Anyway Aaron said today was different.  He did not debate at all on whether to get up or try and try to go back to sleep, he just got up and meditated.  He said it was a good meditation.  To his surprise, he then decided to go back to sleep and went right off to sleep with no problem at all.

As we move further on this path, we discover that what looks like a problem can actually be God and the Universe pulling us deeper along if we are open to the signs we are given along the way.

The Quantum Physics OF A New Start (audio below paragragh)

Hello and Happy New Year.  I thought I would make good on of my resolutions for this year which is to add to this blog regularly.  So here I am with my regular blogging kick off.  My first entry for this year will be longer than most and in audio form.  It is taken from a lesson I gave for my weekly Enlightenment Program.  It is called The Quantum Physics of A New Start.  I hope you enjoy


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