Who Has The Quarter

Something interesting happened to me the other day. I read my message for the day taken from my book Wise Words and for a brief moment did not like what I read. It said, ‘If someone gives you a quarter and you don’t accept it, who has the quarter?’

I knew it meant that I should not internalize any negative feelings anyone has towards me or anything I do. I did not want this to be my message. I did not even want to deal with or think about negative feelings being directed towards me in any way. I wanted something more uplifting like ‘As a man thinketh, so is he’. Then I would begin to think all kinds of wonderful things while keeping this in mind. But I told myself to move into what has come my way completely. “The ‘quarter’ was my message for the day.  I will keep it in mind.” Next I went downstairs and meditated. It was a very good meditation I was feeling very good. I was not only peaceful,but I felt very connected and at one.

Shortly after that I went back upstairs. It was still early in the morning and my wife was not in a good mood. She reacted in a way I did not like. I reminded myself “Who has the quarter? Do not take it.  Getting caught up will take away my meditative state.” I reminded myself that when I wrote Wise Words, the idea behind it and everything my teacher, Mr.  Ambrister taught me, was not to let anything take me away or distract my mind. Otherwise, it would affect my meditations, and my overall happiness. I even remembered how he would say it is better to express anger if you have to. Get it out and let it go, rather than hold it in. If you hold it in, the situation will stay on your mind, and you won’t have good meditations and you won’t be at peace.

Anyway, I decided not to take in my wife’s temporary mood. Suddenly I found myself feeling unbelievably good. I heard the inner sound (OM vibration)very loudly, and felt like I was floating once again. I realized that I read the passage to prepare me to stay in the mystical state that morning, and actually move me into it even more than when everything was seemingly perfect. It was as though it was all magicly orchestrated for me. As I thought about how it all came together I found myself in a better state of enjoyment than I was prior to the situation. I was in a world where nothing could touch me,and everything was magically happening for my benefit, and it felt so good.  Soon my wife’s mood improved also. She was back to her normal self up beat and happy again, but as for me, I enjoyed every step along the way. I thanked God for the message, my wife’s temporary bad mood and my mystical teachings. They all led me into an incredible world once again.

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