Which Is More Important Dreams or Meditations?

Question: Which is more important on the spiritual path dreams or meditations?

Answer: Both are important. Dreams help us realize our thought patterns and many times give us secret information about ourselves and others. I definitely feel that paying attention to our dreams tells us quite a bit, and can even give us many answers on how to proceed in various areas of our lives, once we learn how to read and understand them.

Meditation, however, is even more important than dreams because our focus and meditations help to determine what type of dreams we have. I know in my life that my meditations helped to raise my vibration and made it quite easy for me to be able to understand my dreams. In addition when I am on top of my meditation, I have dreams of a higher quality, giving many answers to things going on in my life. I even sometimes choose to go to sleep and expect more clarification to whatever is going on at the time in a dream. I never did this or thought about doing it until I was on the meditational path. Meditation also brings more peace and overall growth in my world when I consistently practice. I have not just seen these things in my life, but also in the lives of many others.

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