Which Is More Important Dreams or Meditations?

Question: Which is more important on the spiritual path dreams or meditations? Answer: Both are important. Dreams help us realize our thought patterns and many times give us secret information […]

Who Has The Quarter

Something interesting happened to me the other day. I read my message for the day taken from my book Wise Words and for a brief moment did not like what […]

Those Who Are Near and Dear to Us

Recently my grandfather asked me if I wanted to play a game of chess. I politely turned him down. I am not sure what reason I gave at the time, but suddenly to my surprise I woke up. It was just a dream.

When I woke up I was upset that I did not take the time to play with him doing what he liked. In real life, my grandfather had passed years ago and I could not believe that I had a chance to play chess with him in a dream and turned it down. . .