Darshan: Darshan is a Sanskrit word that means sight. It is used in meditative circles as the sight of the guru or teacher on the meditative path. There is both an outer darshan and an inner darshan. The outer darshan is seeing the guru in person or even a picture of the teacher. The inner darshan is the vision of the teacher on the inner planes. The vision of the teacher is very important both on the outer planes and the inner planes (in meditation and dream). Seeing the teacher, being in the company of the teacher, and living in accordance with the teachings, lead to having the inner vision and a deeper connection that pulls the student into higher realms within. This sight also reminds the student of the higher teachings and gives the student confidence and a sense of peace even in the most difficult of situations.

Now guess what!  We all have a darshan that we give to the people in our world. The question we must ask is, “Do I bring more light when people see me? Are they happy and uplifted, or brought down by my aura and way of being? Which one is it or rather which one will it be?”  The answer is up to us. If we truly come from a good place and want the best, and wish the best for others they can feel it.

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