Dreams and Life

This life is a dream of the soul. Our dreams at night are God’s secret way of telling us that we are spiritual beings in a metaphysical universe. Through our dreams we discover that we are beyond our physical bodies that we find ourselves in. They allude to life beyond the physical. They can serve as premonitions of things to come, give us glimpses of future possibilities, and reveal deeply hidden desires. When we become proficient at working with our dreams, we can ask a question about our life, and the answer will often be revealed in a dream. Ultimately, we discover that our waking state is also a dream – just as fluid with all the characteristics of what we call the “dream world.” I talk about dreams a lot in my weekly downloads and classes in my Enlightenment Program. I am also currently working on a book about dreams, how to understand them, and be more in touch with our souls and spirits through our dreams at night. I will let you know when I am done writing it.

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