Do Your Best and Leave the Rest

This was one of my teachers favorite sayings. It basically meant to do your best at whatever you are working on and remember to leave the rest to God and The Universe. I often have to remind myself that once I have given my best, I must let go. This is true for all of us. After we know we have done our best, we must let go of the outcome. We cannot waste time and energy worrying about whether or not the results will bring what we think we want. Our part in the process is to be sure that we are sincere and do our best. Don’t overdo or try to figure out anything else, just do our best. That is all we can do. Then we must rest assured that the universe will handle the details.

On the metaphysical path, doing our best means adding our meditation to the process. As we meditate deeply and regularly, we find ourselves naturally getting out the way and allowing God and the Universe to work through us and for us, and of course, give us whatever answers and direction we may need. We also find ourselves astonished at the results.

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