For Those Having Trouble Concentrating During Meditation


When we have trouble concentrating during meditation it’s usually because we are not meditating at all. Well we are meditating but the problem is we are meditating on the world. We sit down, say our mantra 2 times and start to think about our life. Of course this is not what we originally hoped for our focus to be on. So I have a suggestion to see if this is the case and hopefully correct it. When you sit down to meditate, see how many times you actually repeat your mantra. If you are using my video “How to Meditate with the Highest Form of Meditation” the beginning mantra would be A-U-M. After each A-U-M, count, for example say A-U-M then count 1, A-U-M then count 2. See if you get to 10. If you don’t, try again until you get to 10. After you reach 10, do not count anymore. Continue to repeat the mantra without counting. When you count, do not use your fingers. This brings your concentration below the eyebrow center.  In the “How to Meditate video” I do not mention counting with each repetition up to ten. This is only for when having trouble concentrating.

You can even practice this mantra during your day when you are not sitting down meditating. You can do this when you are walking, driving, etc., with your eyes open of course. But when it is time to meditate, you do it with the eyes closed sitting down like on the download


Darshan: Darshan is a Sanskrit word that means sight. It is used in meditative circles as the sight of the guru or teacher on the meditative path. There is both an outer darshan and an inner darshan. The outer darshan is seeing the guru in person or even a picture of the teacher. The inner darshan is the vision of the teacher on the inner planes. The vision of the teacher is very important both on the outer planes and the inner planes (in meditation and dream). Seeing the teacher, being in the company of the teacher, and living in accordance with the teachings, lead to having the inner vision and a deeper connection that pulls the student into higher realms within. This sight also reminds the student of the higher teachings and gives the student confidence and a sense of peace even in the most difficult of situations.

Now guess what!  We all have a darshan that we give to the people in our world. The question we must ask is, “Do I bring more light when people see me? Are they happy and uplifted, or brought down by my aura and way of being? Which one is it or rather which one will it be?”  The answer is up to us. If we truly come from a good place and want the best, and wish the best for others they can feel it.

Dreams and Life

This life is a dream of the soul. Our dreams at night are God’s secret way of telling us that we are spiritual beings in a metaphysical universe. Through our dreams we discover that we are beyond our physical bodies that we find ourselves in. They allude to life beyond the physical. They can serve as premonitions of things to come, give us glimpses of future possibilities, and reveal deeply hidden desires. When we become proficient at working with our dreams, we can ask a question about our life, and the answer will often be revealed in a dream. Ultimately, we discover that our waking state is also a dream – just as fluid with all the characteristics of what we call the “dream world.” I talk about dreams a lot in my weekly downloads and classes in my Enlightenment Program. I am also currently working on a book about dreams, how to understand them, and be more in touch with our souls and spirits through our dreams at night. I will let you know when I am done writing it.

Do Your Best and Leave the Rest

This was one of my teachers favorite sayings. It basically meant to do your best at whatever you are working on and remember to leave the rest to God and The Universe. I often have to remind myself that once I have given my best, I must let go. This is true for all of us. After we know we have done our best, we must let go of the outcome. We cannot waste time and energy worrying about whether or not the results will bring what we think we want. Our part in the process is to be sure that we are sincere and do our best. Don’t overdo or try to figure out anything else, just do our best. That is all we can do. Then we must rest assured that the universe will handle the details.

On the metaphysical path, doing our best means adding our meditation to the process. As we meditate deeply and regularly, we find ourselves naturally getting out the way and allowing God and the Universe to work through us and for us, and of course, give us whatever answers and direction we may need. We also find ourselves astonished at the results.