Which Is More Important Dreams or Meditations?

Question: Which is more important on the spiritual path dreams or meditations? Answer: Both are important. Dreams help us realize our thought patterns and many times give us secret information about ourselves and others. I definitely feel that paying attention to our dreams tells us quite a bit, and can even give us many answers …

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Who Has The Quarter

Something interesting happened to me the other day. I read my message for the day taken from my book Wise Words and for a brief moment did not like what I read. It said, ‘If someone gives you a quarter and you don’t accept it, who has the quarter?’ I knew it meant that I …

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Those Who Are Near and Dear to Us

Recently my grandfather asked me if I wanted to play a game of chess. I politely turned him down. I am not sure what reason I gave at the time, but suddenly to my surprise I woke up. It was just a dream.

When I woke up I was upset that I did not take the time to play with him doing what he liked. In real life, my grandfather had passed years ago and I could not believe that I had a chance to play chess with him in a dream and turned it down. . .

For Those Having Trouble Concentrating During Meditation

When we have trouble concentrating during meditation it’s usually because we are not meditating at all. Well we are meditating but the problem is we are meditating on the world. We sit down, say our mantra 2 times and start to think about our life. Of course this is not what we originally hoped for our focus to be on. So I have a suggestion to see if this is the case and hopefully correct it.


Darshan: Darshan is a Sanskrit word that means sight. It is used in meditative circles as the sight of the guru or teacher on the meditative path. There is both an outer darshan and an inner darshan. The outer darshan is seeing the guru in person or even a picture of the teacher. The inner …

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Dreams and Life

This life is a dream of the soul. Our dreams at night are God’s secret way of telling us that we are spiritual beings in a metaphysical universe. Through our dreams we discover that we are beyond our physical bodies that we find ourselves in. They allude to life beyond the physical. They can serve …

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Do Your Best and Leave the Rest

This was one of my teachers favorite sayings. It basically meant to do your best at whatever you are working on and remember to leave the rest to God and The Universe. I often have to remind myself that once I have given my best, I must let go. This is true for all of …

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